A Wealth Of Experience
With almost 10 years experience in the IT industry, DGI Systems has the experience to provide advice and supply you with a bespoke business intelligence (BI) solution to meet your requirements. We will take the time to sit with you and listen to what you need from your data before designing an end to end solution including requirements gathering, design, implementation, training and maintenance.

Cost Effectiveness
BI solutions should make a return on their investment, or they are not worth having. DGI Systems uses proven open source technologies to provide cost effective business intelligence solutions to businesses. Free software means that the cost of our services is your only expense. We have many years experience so use time efficiently, ensuring the products are created at low cost but high quality and benefit to clients.

Proof of Concept
DGI Systems will supply services to produce a solution for your business needs. The development stages flow from requirements gathering, statement of work, purchase order, development and sign off. Clients do not need to pay up front or pay annual services fees. Obtaining work before payment is due allows clients to be sure it satisfies agreed requirements. Clients only pay for time we spend performing services. Whilst considering the alternatives to contracting individuals to do the work, we provide work by request and there are no minimum term contracts involved.

Low Impact
We rate a positive end user experience as paramount to success for any BI solution. The DGI Systems' 3 step solution is designed to be non obtrusive and above all, simple to use. The report portal allows users run reports which contain automated analytics when required.

We understand that businesses evolve to meet market requirements, so their technology must do the same. Whilst devloping solutions for clients we always suggest scalable options allowing a project to be built upon or adapted should requirements change over time. Flexibility is integral to the BIRT open source platform which we use.

We do not bind licenses to solutions created by our services.

DGI Systems is committed to maintaining strong client relationships. When a project is completed we will still be available for advice, support or further developments. We are a services business and are confident that the quality of our work will help businesses recover their investment quickly and continue to build the strength of their business intelligence over time.

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