DGI Systems' focus is to use proven open source technologies to provide cost effective business intelligence solutions. We also deliver solutions in the area of database development, data analysis and report development for commercial vendors such as Actuate, Oracle, Sybase and Microsoft. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further details regarding non open source software solutions.

DGI Systems' services focus on improving a business' ability in process, analysis and distribution. We believe that the simplest way to bring a return on investment for clients engaging our services starts with the use of zero cost software to lay the foundations for the following 3 step solution:

  1. Installation of Apache Tomcat and BIRT report viewer
    • The report viewer installed allows Apache Tomcat to serve reports to staff browsers via the BIRT viewer, across your network or internet. The report viewer allows the report design to interact with browser functionality and convert reports being viewed to be printed or converted and downloaded to formats such as Word, Excel and Powerpoint.

  2. Installation of Reports Portal
    • Our reports portal provides businesses with a customised webpage which lists reports in an organised manner, allowing users to run reports from links within the page.

  3. Development of business reports suite
    • Integration of the components above are in support of report designs established to aid your business operate more efficiently, make better decisions and maintain data integrity. They allow the focus to be placed upon the design of automated, refined and well organized reports which supply your business with the information it needs to operate efficiently. Report designs are fully programmable so can include business rules and logic to highlight key information automatically. Designs utilize the power of Java and JavaScript technologies, allowing weblike interactivity and seamless connection to numerous data sources such as databases (open source and commercial), excel spreadsheets and text files. See our demo page for more details
DGI Systems has almost 10 years experience developing reports to provide business intelligence solutions for business. We can provide advice regarding best practice and suggest the most efficient way to present information to your users while making full use of the technology and features being installed. A number of standard report types and features are listed below:

Report Types and Features

The simplest reports are lists of data. As the lists get longer, you can add grouping to organize related data together (orders grouped by customer, products grouped by supplier). If your data is numeric, you can easily add totals, averages and other summaries.

Information is much easier to understand when presented in graphical form (chart). BIRT allow users to receive many popular chart formats such as bar, column and pie amongst others. BIRT charts can enhance the user experience by providing interactions such as hover and click actions.

Summarized information of varying types allow users to spot trends and opportunities more easily. Usually consisiting if 4 to 6 charts of high level information the dashboards can be drilled into to view more detailed information, aiding the decision making process.

Crosstabs are similar in concept to Excel's pivot tables, and indeed BIRT crosstabs, when designed the right way allow users to view reports in a browser but then download to Excel format and have pivot table created for them by BIRT.

Cascading Selections
BIRT allows users to refine searches for report information by providing cascading user selections. When a report has many user selectable parameters the lists provided to users in subsequent parameters are refined as they select preceeding parameters.

Interactive Reports
Users invariable need different things from their reports and interactivity can provide it. Whether it be a change in chart type, traffic lighting information un der certain conditions or drill through reporting it can all be achieved with BIRT

Bespoke Reports
Many reports need to combine many of the types and features above into a single design. For example, a customer statement may list the information for the customer, provide text about current promotions, and provide side-by-side lists of payments and charges. A financial report may include disclaimers, charts, tables all with extensive formatting that matches corporate color schemes.

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