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DGI Systems provides business intelligence services using open source technologies. For clients this means that the software is free and their only expense is paying for time and materials.

Central to DGI Systems expertise is the Eclipse BIRT reporting tool and viewer. Using these tools we are able to provide clients with a feature rich business intelligence platform and supplying them with reporting solutions made available to their staff via a centralised information portal.

DGI Systems also provides data analysis and database development solutions as either a stand alone service or to aid in the analytical applications being supplied to clients. Reports are powerful enough to contain business rules and logic but we can also perform this task at the database level, where necessary.

A typical engagement will include installation of the following components:

Report Viewer

A report viewer is installed on client networks enabling reports to be viewed via (staff) browsers. It supports all report functionality such as runtime parameters, table of contents, download to format (.xls, .doc, .ppt, .pdf) and print options.

Information Portal

An information portal supplies staff with a listing of available reports which they can then select for execution. Runtime parameters will prompt users (where applicable) and the information portal will open the selected report within the report viewer mentioned above.

Reports Suite

DGI Systems will create reports for clients based on a strict set of criteria, established by the client. We will supply all documentation and consult with clients face to face to ensure correct requirements are established before development work begins. There are 2 stages of sign-off to ensure the correct product is delivered;

  • after requirements gathering
  • prior to sign off

Documentation regarding all installed components will be provided.

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