The DGI Systems demonstration series is designed to provide prospective clients with information about the reporting services we offer and the capabilities of software being used. Demonstrations are designed to be sequential, beginning with basic functionality and moving into more advanced features the higher the part number.

If you have any problems, or would like us to contact you with regards to a live demonstration at your office, please register your interest using the web form on our contact page.

Part 1 - Viewer navigation, data filtering and basic user interactivity.

Series part 1 demonstrates a basic listing report and our ability to use styles, filters, highlights and cascading parameters to provide users with an intuative way of obtaining key information. Time is also taken to showcase the report viewer functionality. Exporting reports to PDF is also covered.
Part 2 - Cascading date parameters and creation of groups to illustrate aggregation

Series part 2 demonstrates an extension to a basic listing report and our ability to group information to simplify navigation and aggregate sales numbers at the various levels. Restricted cascading date parameters are also introduced.
Part 3 - Charts, automated analysis, drilling and an extended table of contents

Series part 3 demonstrates a multi layered report which has the ability to perform analysis for the user. It has chart and data links to drill down and through to more detailed information. The table of contents has been customised to provide layers for simplified navigation. Exporting to Powerpoint is also covered.
Part 4 - Interactive features such as rolling time periods and chart hovers

Series part 4 demonstrates a report which has the ability to manipulate filters using on screen buttons. It allows users to hover over chart series and highlight associated data structures on data tables. Restrictive cascading date parameters are also illustrated.
Part 5 - Parameter driven dashboard with analysis, hover features and a drill through action

Series part 5 demonstrates a dashboard report which has the ability to switch between time periods using parameters. Users can hover over key items to display tool tips generated from database information. Analysis can be performed using a switch and a drill through action allows users to view related information.
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