About DGI Systems

DGI Systems has a simple mission statement:

Use proven open source technologies to provide dynamic, cost effective business intelligence solutions.
We define Business intelligence (BI) as the use of technology to gather, store, analyze and supply a business with information to help it gain or maintain competitive advantage within its industry.

Open source technologies are free. This does not mean that they do not meet the highest standards and leading examples such as BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tool - Eclipse Foundation), Tomcat (Apache Foundation), Java and MySQL (Oracle) are created by highly respected organisations within the IT industry.

Most businesses already have the ability to gather and store data using the applications which support their day to day activities. It is the process that follows which can often be improved.

DGI Systems can help businesses extract, organize, analyze and distribute information that their staff and applications have created.

As part of the wider IT community DGI Systems contributes technical knowledge as often as possible and was awarded for its innovative solutions. Membership to various IT forums which help support the BI community. DGI Systems also contributes to the open source development initiative and is a financial 'friend of eclipse'.

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